Raduga Grez - Pastel Arch Stacker

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Meditative toy for focused, useful and educational games.

Right from birth, the baby enters a world where there is so much visual information that even the adult's nervous system sometimes fails. Everything sparkles, shimmers, there are so many unnatural colors around - bright, aggressive, supersaturated.

Build the cradles for toy animals.

Seek balance by placing arcs on top of each other.

Pull the bridges through the fabric river.

Build a tunnel for a toy ride or a garage for cars.

Pencil on paper Deepen colour learning Learn more-less Look very nice in children's interiors. Ideal for evening games, because sand colors overload less.

Toy Chips: Made in Russia from a natural tree Safe Coating

Develop creativity, ability to play independently

The basis of dozens of educational games

Convenient size 14 × 7 × 4 cm

Decorate the nursery

Wonderful gift

By the way! Arcs are a classic axisless pyramid. In Russia, pyramids with a pin are more common, but we decided to do it without - this is safer and does not set the limits for the game.


Raduga Grez toys are hand made in Russia by third generation carpenters who used to make Matryoshka Dolls. The timber is sustainably sourced. Painted with non-toxic water based paint. 

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Raduga Grez - Pastel Arch Stacker