Cam Cam Copenhagen - Soft Fabric Book - Forest Theme

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A foldable soft interactive fabric book for babies. The double sided book has 6 adorable illustrations on each side within different familiar themes.
The soft book has crinkle paper inside, which makes a funny noise to stimulate the baby's senses.
Choose between different themes.


Quality: Outer fabric: 100% Organic Cotton.

Filling: 100% Polyurethane foam and crinkle paper. CE-certified - OCS - Made with 80% Organically Grown Material
Category: OCS Certified - ETKO 4401

Dimensions: W16 x H17cm, Length: 102cm


Cam Cam Copenhagen takes responsibility for the environment and for our children, which means, taking organic production seriously. They are a GOTS certified company and all their textile production is produced in GOTS certified factories. This is crucial for the environment and crucial for our children and their future.

Cam Cam Copenhagen also takes social responsibility seriously, which means ensuring good working conditions for the factories they use, ensuring a proper wage for the workers and ensuring a zero child labour policy.


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Cam Cam Copenhagen - Soft Fabric Book - Forest Theme

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