Why Ethical?

There are 40 million garment workers in the world.

• 91% can not afford enough food to feed themselves.
• 76% have no running water in their homes.
• 89% can not afford to cover the cost of education for their children.

Everyday these women are exploited so that big brands can profit. Only 9% of Australian brands pay their worker's a living wage. A living wage is enough to cover the basics such as food, water and shelter. 

As humans we need to be doing better than this. We wouldn't pay someone 27 cents an hour to sit in our back shed and make us clothes, while they are starving and separated from their children. So why do we do it when they are in another country? 

People are becoming more and more aware of this issue, and are wanting to shop ethically. 

This is why every product, not just clothing, sold at MieAna is manufactured by workers receiving a living wage and experiencing safe working conditions.

Statistics are from the Oxfam Australia Made in Poverty Report.
Thanks @aster_and_oak for this picture showing two of their workers at their GOTS certified, fair trade and ethical factory in India.

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