Our Story

What inspired the creation of MieAna?

When I was 9 years old my Dad bought me my first sewing machine. As he taught me how to sew cushions, and eventually teddy bears and clothes, I remember thinking to myself, “If it takes me this long to make this one thing, and something similar in shops costs this much, then surely the people making them don’t get paid very much.”

I posed this question to my dad and he explained to the little nine year old version of me that most things are made overseas in large factories by machines. With a little further probing he added that yes, there are people working there, and no, they don’t get paid very much or have a very a good life. So the clothes I was wearing suddenly felt a little heavier, the things around me a little darker.

Quietly a thought slid down the back of my spine, “Perhaps you can do something about this?” However, it was quickly silenced by something much louder, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

A few years past and inspired people I knew who had done similar things, I tentatively considered buying a business. I came across one that I liked, a beautiful store. However, as I looked in to the products and the brands, the thought of contributing to unliveable wages made me feel physically sick.

But as I researched those brands, I also came across others. Ones that were actively ensuring they treated the women making their products with respect by providing them with nice working conditions and liveable wages.

Now as an adult, I am a little more able to silence the sceptic and listen to the dreamer, and so MieAna was born.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with us and for helping grow this vision.

How did MieAna get its name?

Mie is short for Mielikki - thie Finnish Goddess of the forest, animals and motherhood (Not to be confused with the Dungeons and Dragons character!) 

Ana is Greek - meaning time or again, with particular reference to the cyclic nature of time. And so MieAna represents looking after the forests and people for the present and future. 


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